Rules and regulations

Lublin Juggling Convention Rules and Regulations

1. Convention is organised by Sztukmistrze Foundation.
2. The Convention will be held in certain area of Studium Wychowania Fizycznego i Sportu Katolickiego Uniwersytetu Lubelskiego Jana Pawła II in Lublin.
3. In order to take part in the Convention one must register on site at the registration point designated by the Organisator. Convention participants are requested to check in the Registration Point for veryfing ID and signing hereby Rules and Regulations irrespective of the way of registering for the Convention.
4. The underaged may take part in the Convention only by showing a signed Parental Consent. If you are under 13 you can participate the Convention only with an assistance of an adult.
5. Every Participant of the Convention will be given a Convention badge enabling entrance for the Convention. It is forbidden for a Participant to share the Convention badge with other people. In case of losing or destroying the Convention badge, a participant is obliged to purchase a new Convention badge.
6. You musn’t drink alcohol, smoke tobacco or use any drugs at the whole area of SWFiS. Eating in the training hall is also prohibited.
7. No animals are allowed at the Convention area.
8. We kindly request every Participant to behave in a cultural manner as well as to respect all of the decisions of the Organizers (including the training hall staff and security).
9. We kindly request to keep the premises clean and tidy. Every Participant is obliged to clean after oneself and throw the garbage into designated containers.
10. The Organizers do not take any responsibility for the damages caused or suffered by the Participants.
11. The Participants shall bear financial and legal consequences for damages done.
12. The Organizers have the right to exclude from the Convention Participants who should violate hereby Rules and Regulations.
13. The Organizers reserve the right to introduce changes to hereby Rules and Regulations. In such case all changes will be published and marked out on the website.