A series of advanced workshops – Master Class was designed for members of the New Circus community with more advanced skills, especially those who would like to perform on stage professionally. Leading European artists are the best New Circus and physical theater, who share with participants their skills and experience.

Workshops includes a variety of props and circus disciplines, stage work,  choreography, stimulating creativity, awareness of the body and the object, as well as building a stage character. Master Class are held regularly to systematically enhance skills of our community.

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More information about masterclasses in 2019 soon!

Until now, our guests were:


26 February -2 March – club manipulation with Anni Küpper
12-15 April – duo acrobatics with Angelika Kogut i Mateusz Rzeźnikiewicz
9-13 May – Martial Partnering with Jakub Gontarski i Agnieszka Rybak
5-9 December – juggling with Sakari Männistö


16-19 March – building w new circus performance with Julia Knaust i Nils Wollschlaeger
23-29 July – acrobatics with Tamas Teibler
22-27 September – duo acrobatics with Rosa-Maria Schmid i Nicolo Marzoli
18-22 November – story and character building with Elisabeth Clarke-Hasters
13-17 December – aerial acrobatics with Pamela Pantoja


14-20 April – aerial acrobatics with Gemma Watson Lou
19-22 May – hula-hoop with Kari Panska
21-26 November – juggling with Declan Mee
26-28 November – juggling and stage movement with Benjamin Richter
27-30 December – chinese pole with Valentine Remels


22-26 April – diabolo with Luis Hdez Bailón
21-26 September – trickline with Jaan Roose
24-29 November – juggling with Jay Gilligan


22-28 September – performance building with Julia Knaust and Nils Wollschlaeger
27-31 October – juggling with Florent Lestage
27-31 October – hula-hoop with Marianna de Sanctis
7-10 December – acrobatics  with Proskura Denys and Arina Zinchenko


16-20 September  – hula-hoop with Marianna de Sanctis.
8-11 November – juggling with Matthias Romir.
11-15 December – air acrobatics with Gemma Watson Lou








Organised with financial support by Miasto Lublin and Ministerstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego.