Can juggling and Gombrowicz have anything in common? Definitely yes! The play “9.811” is immersed in the atmosphere of the world of Witold Gombrowicz’s last novel. In “Cosmos”, with its own eloquence, important philosophical problems are taken up. It is here that the main character, exploring the limits of our knowledge and the possibilities of creating the world, faces the absurd. In the tension between the desire for order and the chaos of events and things, the drama of a man seeking disambiguation unfolds. Normal and underground logic conflict.

Taking the writer as a guide who can ask the right questions and avoids unambiguous answers, we start, like him, from the concrete – from the world of empiricism. Juggling becomes the starting point in the eternal search for meaning.


Phot. Jakub Gadaj


Directing, choreography, concept: Mateusz Kownacki
Choreographic consultations: Maria Stokłosa
Lighting: Marcin Kowalczuk, Mateusz Kownacki, Marcin Rękas
Music: Józef Buchnajzer
Scenography: Daniel Chlibiuk
Costumes: Marta Góźdź
Producer: Jakub Szwed


Marcin Borkowski, Mateusz Kownacki, Krzysztof Pacholik, Artur Perskawiec, Ewa Sotowska

Project implemented as part of the scholarship of the Mayor of Lublin.