Acrotrio MAD

Acrotrio MAD is the definition of artistry. Magdalena Chlibiuk, Daniel Chlibiuk, and Artur Perskawiec are among the most experienced artists of the Sztukmistrze Foundation, and as a result of their many years of experience have built up the trust and connection that awards Acro Trio MAD a special place in their legacy.

 The show is a beautiful acrobatic etude that delights with the strength of the human body and the power of emotions. During the show, audiences all over the country were frozen with amazement and moved to standing ovations.


Magdalena Chlibiuk
Artur Perskawiec
Daniel Chlibiuk


6 minut


  • 60-lecie STN UMLUB – Jubileuszowa Gala Kół Naukowych / Uniwersytet Medyczny w Lublinie (2021)
  • Gala Wolontariatu PCK w Lublinie (2021)
  • X Lubelska Gala Turystyki (2019)
  • Jarmark Jagielloński w Lublinie (2019)