Kolektyw LŁ – “Spektrum”

“Spektrum” is a new circus performance which combines elements of acrobatics, theater, juggling, pantomime and optical illusion. It is a record of artistic search focused on refreshing and innovative use of circus arts with the use of physical theater techniques.

“Spektrum” is a vivid and minimalist show which is revealing the possible harmony between the body and the object. Humor, dynamism and diversity combined with a deliberate game of gestures and hidden meanings create a universally understandable image, directed both to younger and older viewers.

The goal accompanying the artists in the creation of the show allowed to obtain a unique visual-movement layer, where the gesture is coupled with a conscious manipulation of the object. The viewer is transferred to the abstract world of shapes and things. With their help, the actors create an atmosphere of a grotesque universe of images.

In 2018 „Spektrum” has been accepted to the prestigious Teatr Polska program (http://www.teatrpolska.pl/) organized by one of Poland’s most renown theatrical institutions -The Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute (http://en.instytut-teatralny.pl/). Since its premiere the show has been performed all around Poland, Germany and Czech Republic.


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By and with: Artur Perskawiec, Daniel Chlibiuk, Jakub Szwed, Mateusz Kownacki

Artistic consulting: Grzegorz Kondrasiuk, Johan Swartvagher
Scenography: Daniel Chlibiuk

Music: Paul Kwitek

Stage management: Marek Żmuda

Produced by Fundacja Sztukmistrze and Warsztaty Kultury w Lublinie in cooperation with Carnival Otwarta Przestrzeń Cyrkowa for Carnaval Sztukmistrzów festival 2015.