“Tribute” is a circus and theater performance inspired by the prose of Isaac Bashevis Singer. Half-jokingly, as the Nobel Prize winner used to write, with juggling, acrobatics and other circus disciplines, a story is told. Story about the timeless dilemmas of “The Magician”, about ghosts, about what disappeared suddenly and irretrievably in “The Great Catastrophe”. However, human weaknesses, fears, hopes and joys are still the same and this is what this performance is about.

The musical setting of the show is not accidental. Lou Reeda, Amy Winehouse, The Ramones, Leonard Cohen, Lenny Kravitz, Bob Dylan are artists for whom their Jewish origin was important, they drew inspiration from it, using heritage or rebelling against it. These musicians are strongly bonded with, artists in the performance and singer Jasza Mazura. They share the fact of being “trickmasters”, with the benefits and nightmares of this profession.


Daniel Chlibiuk,
Magdalena Chlibiuk
Artur Perskawiec
Jakub Szwed
Marek Żmuda

Director: Arkadiusz Ziętek

Duration: 60-75 minutes

Show can be staged indoors and outdoors, finale of outdoor version is fire-show.


The performance was produced in cooperation with the “Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre” Centre.