“Zgubowisko” is a New Circus performance created for both children and older audiences.
It is a story about searching for your own way, about circus and about the artists themselves who present the viewer with the meaning of chasing dreams. Above all, however, it is a show of the amazing skills of the performers woven into the plot.

Juggling, dancing in the air, acrobatics, object manipulation and equlibristics allow the viewer to absorb what is happening on the stage. The quintet that makes up the performance takes viewers to a world where anything can happen.
The work was inspired by Shaun Tan’s book “The lost thing”, which tells about something that has been lost, but also – above all – found.


Cast: Magdalena Kisiała, Artur Perskawiec, Marcin Borkowski, Krzysztof Pacholik, Agnieszka Pulikowska

Directing: Joanna Krukowska

Production: Fundacja Sztukmistrze

Music: Sebastian Świąder