Rules and Regulations

I General Resolutions

1. The event holder is the Sztukmistrze Foundation with cooperation with Miasto Project Foundation and Carnival Open Circus Space.

2. This set of rules explains terms, extent, and conditions of participating in Aerial Freak Meeting, henceforth called the event.

3. The event holder reserves the right to change the terms of present rules. Every change of rules will alternatively appear will be published and set apart at the event holder internet website.


II Terms of Participation

4. At the event can take part only person which is over 10 years old.

5. The underage persons are obliged to show the legal guardians’ permission to participate.

6. Persons under 16 can participate the event only with an assistance of an adult (parent or guardian).

7. Every participant needs to in one’s own control health condition and gets to know if there are any contraindications to take part in the event.

8. An applicant is aware that Aerial acrobatics when is practiced with ignoring rules of safety can cause a dangerous accident, and as a consequence – loss of health or even life person which is training or third party.

9. Participation at the event is on your own risk (in case of adolescent person participation is on parent/guardian risk). The event holder is not taking responsibility for misadventures and injuries arisen in inappropriate use apparatus and not keeping safe rules.


III Safety

10. We kindly request every participant to behave in a cultural manner as well as to respect all of the decisions of the organizers.

11. You mustn’t drink alcohol or use any drugs during the training.

12. The organizers have the right to exclude from the event participants who should violate hereby Rules and Regulations.

13. Training on aerial apparatuses is permitted the only in costume which is not having any exsert elements like buttons, locks, studs, belts. Before starting training you need to take off jewelry and any other decorations which can threat our safety or damage an apparatus. The event holder has the right to refuse the participant using a tool without the allowed costume.

14. Before starting training u should take care of physical preparation – a warm-up.

15. Training at aerial apparatus is always above matteraces.

16. Jumping of a swinging apparatus is forbidden (silks, hoop, trapeze).

17. Using the aerial apparatus in aim different than training one is forbidden.

18. The participant is obligated to take care of the equipment which he is using and report to the organizer if there is an untypical situation.

19. Participants shall bear financial and legal consequences for damages done.


IV Personal data processing and image diffusing

20. The contest holder reserves the right to process participants’ personal data for the needs of the event organization.

21. Participants’ personal data will be processed according to appropriate legislation, especially to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (EU GDPR), concerning personal data protection. Personal data is processed exclusively for the purpose of the event. Participant have a right to  request the administrator to access their personal data, rectify them, delete or limit processing, submit a complaint to the supervisory authority (Personal Data Protection Office). Submitting personal data is voluntary. In case of incomplete, false or innacurate data participation in the event may be impossible.

22. The participant gives the event holder the unpaid right to multiple uses, including diffusing, of photos, phonograms, and videograms with the participants’ image and statements, without the need to agree upon each such use. This agreement includes, via optional means, the use, perpetuation, replication of the materials with the participant’s image and voice, and diffusing them for promotional purposes (incl. the contest holder promotion), information and production of the event according to existing law, especially including posting photos on websites and newspaper, magazine, electronic and folder publications. Concurrently, the participant forfeits any rights concerning the confirmation of each use of the above-mentioned materials with his/her image, also in the case of using them in order to tie them to other images via digital techniques, under the condition that all of these activities will serve only for the promotion of the event or the event holder.