Awesome EJC gift certificate

Pssst! We have an idea of an AWESOME Christmas present! (or for a different occasion, but still AWESOME!)

We always thought that a full EJC 2017 week pass is one of the best things for a circus/juggling enthusiast to receive for any occasion. Therefore we would like to present you with an opportunity to do just that! It comes in a form of a special gift certificate, which is a promise of a real ticket, which yo can only buy when the pre-reg starts. So basically how it works is:

1. You really want to give someone an EJC ticket as a present this winter, but you can’t, because the pre-reg did not start yet.

2. So you give them this gift certificate, which was really nicely designed by @Karp Foto, and you can download it here: Awesome EJC gift certificate!

3. The gift receiver is extremely happy and shouts: AWESOME!

4. Some time passes by.

5. You buy a ticket when the prereg starts and give it to the person you gave the certificate, making him or her awesomely happy again! :)

We think it’s really cool.

PS. The ticket prices in the 1st pre-reg round for a full week ticket including Gala Show will be 130 Euro adoult and 65 Euro teenager (9-15 years old)