I sent my application to the Open Stage some time ago, but I also did not get any confirmation or reply message. What should I do?

After filling in the application form, an automatic confirmation message is sent. If the message does not appear in your e-mail box, please check your spam folder. In case also there is no such message, please contact us at the following address: openstage.kulturalia@gmail.com

After sending the application form, can you still change the repertoire?

Yes, we allow this possibility. However, please send us information about what has been changed to address openstage.kulturalia@gmail.com before auditions.

Since it is possible to present as a group, is it enough that one person in the group is a student? Or should all the members be students?

Only a person with a valid student ID can participate in the competition. Among those accompanying may be “non-students”, but they do not take a direct part in the competition.
Eg., If a student Kasia sings and accompanies her on the piano Tom – graduate, presentation presented and evaluated as a presentation of Kasia. Only Kasia can win the prize – but prize division with Tom, that’s their private affair.

It is impossible to accept the application of for example six non-student team with one student, who plays a peripheral role in the presentation.

Is it possible to change the presentation after I have qualified for the final?

Qualification for the final show takes place on the basis of a specific presentation at the auditions, and not just general skills, so the same presentation should be shown in the final show as at the audition. Changes are possible only in exceptional circumstances, with the consent of the organizer.

Why can a presentation not be longer than 5 minutes?

Time is limited to 5 minutes because at this time it is possible to show your idea and skill in equal part of all participants. No time limit, or numbers while longer would be difficult not only for logistical reasons, would make impossible the introduction of uniform assessment criteria.

On what kind of data carrier should I bring my background music?

Background music can be supplied on CD or memory stick media. Please provide audio files in MP3 format in the highest possible quality (320kbps optimally).

Can foreigners take part in the competition?

Yes, the competition is open to all Lublin students – even those who do not have Polish citizenship.

Where will the final show of the competition be held?

The final show of the competition will be held in the Opera Hall of the Centre for Meeting of Cultures in Lublin.

According to what criteria the jury assesses the performances?

Assessment of performance is an outcome of a number of criteria. Jury takes into account the technical quality of performance, innovation, the concept, costume, music and, of course, stage presence, contact the artist and the audience.

When will we know who will perform in the final show?

The last day for submitting applications is 15.04.2019 – on 16 and 17 April are planned auditions (organizer reserves, however, that may change the date of the audition for good cause). The end of April will be presented a list of finalists – both on the website of the competition, as well as e-mail sent to all participants in the auditions.

Have a question? Write to openstage.kulturalia@gmail.com, and we will be happy to provide an answer!