Sztukmistrze for Ukraine

For almost 12 years we have been creating shows, giving workshops, organizing professional circus training and big festivals, developing contemporary circus in Eastern Europe.

It all changed on February 24th when Russia invaded Ukraine .


At the moment our organization is almost completely devoted to the help effort. We are not a humanitarian organization, but we are experienced organizers and have an amazing, devoted, and compassionate team.  We do whatever we can to help by:

  • organizing transportation, shelter, and food for those fleeing from war, especially – but not only – circus artists and circus school pupils from Ukraine
  • helping refugees to navigate the current aid and immigration system,
  • having a team of circus artists and teachers organizing workshops for youth and taking care of children in temporary housing venues for refugees.

We work closely with local authorities and the local crisis management center.


Situation now

Lublin is the biggest Polish city situated right next to the Polish-Ukrainian border. In a way, we have become one of the first responders in this vast and unparalleled tragedy.

Huge numbers of refugees from Ukraine are coming here – for some of them, it is a “transfer point” on their further journey to the West, but many are staying. In total more than

1 300 000 people fleeing the war have crossed the Polish border – mainly women and children. More will follow.

The needs are huge.


Help us help Ukraine

By contributing to this campaign:  you will help us continue our work. All of the funds you decide to give us will be used ONLY to help refugees in need.

We are grateful that we have already received support and trust from:

Samuel Roy, Le Monastère


Dziękujemy! (Thank you!)

– team of Sztukmistrze Foundation