Volunteering during the EJC 2017.

All over the world, the number of jugglers is constantly growing. This results in an increasing number of EJC participants. This, in turn, places greater responsibility on the organisers and provides motivation to professionally prepare each EJC!

The unusual character of the EJC lies in the fact that we are not dependent on any sponsors, grants, nor are we greatly impacted by the global financial crisis. We finance ourselves – we are free and independent, and it is we who decide: where to hold the EJC; what to teach and what to learn in the workshops; how many participants to allow; how the parade and the open stage look, etc. The idea of the EJC is based, inter alia, on the motto ‘from jugglers to jugglers’ and that is where the force of the EJC comes from! This provides community feelings, cooperation, mutual help and giving to ourselves and to others. It is a beautiful idea! Let’s make sure it never becomes an empty cliché. Let’s put it into practice!

Several people from the Polish team in charge of the organisation of EJC 2017 have been working to prepare ourselves to welcome thousands of jugglers from all over the world to the Polish capital of juggling – Lublin in 2017. But our work is not enough. We will need YOU to help us with the smooth functioning of the EJC during these few magical days.

We rely on you!

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If you have questions, write: volunteers@ejc2017.org